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"General fitness and well being' would be the best way to describe my approach as a personal trainer.  Each individual seeks similar goals in my 17 years of experience.  There are two types of clientele that I tend to attract:  1) Those looking to be 'more toned with less bodyfat'.  2) Those looking to 'have more function'.  Better range of motion with reduced pain and less chronic pain issues.  I tend to gravitate to the good old classic belief that WEIGHT TRAINING is good for strengthening muscle fiber and bone density.  I am also a big fan of SUSPENSION STRENGTH TRAINING to involve as many muscles as possible in one wokout.  PILATES MAT work is a tool I turn to for the best core, spinal strength, and mobility.  Also, YOGA produces the best results for seriously improved flexibility, range of motion as well as helping to manage stress.  I enjoy adding some light hearted MARITAL ARTS for aerobic purposes at times to mix it up.  I want my client to experience a full spectrum of what is available and effective.  Exercise should be fun and not boring!  In one single session, a client could experience all of the above. "  
~ Bonnie McKuin, CPFT Modesto CA

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